Workshop : Three Nails Photography

September 15, 2013

This summer, I had the most amazing opportunity arise. I had only ever dreamed of working with and learning from Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography, so when he offered another discounted workshop – I took the plunge and registered. As Courtney (Courtney Nicole Photography) and I packed up and headed out for Shreveport, we couldn’t really believe that we were ACTUALLY going to the workshop, it seemed so unreal!

^ Hunter : the brains behind all the amazingness you’re about to witness ^

Now I know this took place a few months ago and I’ve had people saying to me  “OmGeee.. Like why have you waited SO long to post these!!?”

My answer to you would be : Have you ever experienced something so surreal and wonderful that you just wanted to keep it to yourself for a while because it seemed like a dream? Something so fantastical that showing it to the world would just blow their minds? Something better than anything you’ve ever imagined!?

Well, that’s what happened here. I was so blown away by the immense amount of inspiration I gained and I just had to let it soak in for a while.

This workshop included three styled shoots : Engagements, Bridals, and a full blown mock Wedding. When we first started walking to the engagement shoot, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the old Volkswagen vehicle. (For those of you who know me, you know this is one of my dream cars!) I quickly realized that this was turning into my dream shoot, every single detail was right up my ally … I was just speechless. The clothes, jewelry, accessories, color palette, textures, patterns, on and on an onnnnnn!!!

This has been the best investment of my career so far. I could have gone with just my iPhone and learned so much from Hunter. I have gained so much inspiration and motivation to stick to my dreams and do what I truly want to do without conforming to what other people tell me is “technically correct”. I hope you enjoy all the photos as much as I did/do/always will!

Oh, and there’s some great “behind the scenes” photos at the bottom of this extensive post 🙂


All of these photos were taken at the Three Nails Photography workshop.

Styled by : Three Nails Photography

Hair and Makeup : Meka with Motives


Wow, beautiful work.

Mwaahah! So proud of you for tackling the monster of a project that we have! I feel the same way about my secret stash of Three Nails photos! I feel like it’s something I don’t want to finish for fear of it being OVER! Such an awesome experience and it wouldn’t have been half of what it was without a great friend beside me! Love them all- and the way they’re put together is just stunning. !


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