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Two Thousand & Thirteen


I officially started my business.
Started second shooting weddings,
then decided to take the leap into the wedding industry myself.
Booked my first wedding,
then 12 more.

My work was published in a few senior, engagement, and wedding blogs.
Graduated from The University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts, photography.
Lost 50 lbs (then gained a good 20 back ha!)
Ended over 2 years of a distance relationship…. only because he moved from NE to LA 🙂

Booked 2 out of state weddings for 2014 – so far.

I’ve gained self-worth and confidence in my work.
I’ve learned that mistakes happen, and you can only grow from them.
I’ve realized that I can be successful in my chosen career.

I’ve learned I’m much more driven, determined, and goal orientated than I ever imagined I could be.
and most importantly, I started believing in myself and my photography.

This past year has possibly been the best year so far. I’m extremely blessed to have done as well as I have in the beginning of my business, and pray that it continues! The people I’ve met this year are simply extraordinary. When I started thinking about putting together a post of some of my favorite moments – it was overwhelming. After creating a rough draft of images, and then narrowing it down a few times, this is what I’ve come to.

– I’m ready for new clients, new experiences, new travels –

I’m ready for my first full year in business, bring it on 2014.



Chelsy - Courtney Stermer referred you and i was looking at your work! I am wondering your bridal and wedding prices please

Peyton & Josh : Engaged


I’m so excited to have been chosen as Peyton & Josh’s photographer for their wedding experience.These two are such a joy to photograph! (Not to mention they brought their pup Lucy, which is an automatic win in my book)

On December 29th, 2012, Josh asked Peyton to be his wife.

On this winter evening, he brought her to the coffee shop near their neighborhood that they frequent. As they often could, they would get coffee and walked their dog to a nearby gazebo where they would sit and enjoy their drinks – only this time the gazebo was decorated in Christmas lights, complete with a Christmas tree standing in the middle.

On the tree hung a single glass ornament that read, “Peyton, will you marry me?

Judging by this post, we can all assume she said yes!



Blake & Babette : Married

Blake and Babette were my first FULL packaged wedding clients, and I already miss them! Being able to work with them through engagements, bridals, and the full wedding day was honestly a blessing. These two are head over heels for each other.

They’re goofy, caring, loving, outgoing, and LOVE to have a good time – which you’ll soon see!

Babette & Blake ,

   Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of one of the most important days of your life!

I’m so glad I got to meet both of you and I couldn’t be happier for the both of you!!