Mr. & Mrs. Meaux

September 15, 2014

William and Naomi. Let me tell you something. These two are absolutely nuts for each other. That’s it.

The end.

No but really, these guys are honestly two of the sweetest people I’ve met. When I showed up to meet then girls at City Club Carriage house, there was an expected like 120% chance of rain, but I still had hope. I remember the girls whispering (low enough not to worry Naomi) in the corner about a tornado warning in the next city over. It was bad, y’all. It rained, and rained, and the sun apparently didn’t feel like getting out of bed. But Naomi kept smiling. She was focused on one thing…. William. It’s couples like this that make me smile. Knowing that they’re so focused on the marriage, and not just the wedding. The smiles on their faces during the ceremony was enough to turn the gloomy day into something fantastic!

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