Mr. & Mrs. Bates : Married

January 10, 2014

So I’m sitting here thinking about what to write – and I just don’t know where to start. Bret and Haley are the type of people that inspire you to be a better person, just by being themselves. When Bret reached out to me to shoot their wedding – I couldn’t have said yes faster! On the big day everyone was relaxed, excited, and full of thanks to God.  One of my favorite parts of the day was the processional. When each member of the bridal party got to their spot, they each picked up an instrument and began to play along. Then, as Haley started to walk down the aisle – they all sang the most beautiful song written by one of the groomsmen. OH, and coffee bar>bar bar, any day 🙂

So… I’m still sitting here trying to think of words to say, but nothing I write seems quite adequate so I’m going to leave you with some words from Bret & Haley :

Getting married is a lot like looking through a kaleidoscope. It’s a beautiful experience that is not easily imitated. But in that beauty is a lot of chaos. The weeks before the wedding there were many moments that had the same feeling as jumping off a cliff- like everything was ending in a big pile of mess. I honestly didn’t expect the wedding in itself to be very put together or very attractive looking. But after Bret and I said our sweet “I do’s”, we saw before us not the work of our own hands but the work of the Lord’s. Our music was preformed by dear friends, the Parc paid for by family, the flowers carefully and thoughtfully placed by loving family and a local artist, the decorations hung by devoted out-of-town friends, food provided by a loving community, and of course a spirit of joy provided by a loving God. Nothing could express the feelings we had. It felt as close to perfection as I could ever imagine on this earth and none of it could be claimed by my own work. The Jews believe that your wedding day is the closest to God you’ll ever feel on earth. And I understand that now. I felt so loved. And so much love toward others. Husband and wife. Community. However, the Jews also took time out of the wedding day to acknowledge brokenness. Now, Bret and I also are fully aware of this. Because even in our ‘day of perfection’ we experienced brokenness. Mostly in expectations not met by family members but also in missing loved ones. But, regardless, Bret and I take joy in such a glorious day. One more beautiful than the mixing and moving mysterious colors of a chaotic kaleidoscope. We take joy in the mere hope of a marriage that will reflect the same beauty, gratitude, and love.

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