2015 Senior REPS

September 30, 2014

Oh my goodness. These girls made my weekend this past Sunday.

When I look back on my senior pictures I think to myself ‘what is this?’. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my photos and I still do! But holy smokes, I looked so awkward posed in these stiff, boring, totally-not-me poses (unless you count the one with my dog, that one is so totally me). Not to mention the flawless skin airbrushing. Oh, the airbrushing. Anyways! One of my main goals for every senior session is to really pull out the girls personality. Let them open up and just let loooose! I want to get that raw, gritty, natural laugh. The one that really comes from the gut. When your eyes squint so hard you really don’t know what’s going on on the other side of your eyelids. Lololol,lmao,loll. That kinda laugh.

These 8 girls are my 2015 Senior Reps. They’re all friends and they’re all super awesome. I told them “hey look, I don’t want y’all to be all serious tonight. You’ve got your full senior session to get those classic head shots, etc. Tonight – we’re cutting up.

Y’all – senior year is already stressful enough. These girls have SO much on their plate, so I was thrilled to take a Sunday afternoon to let them unwind and refresh. I only spent around 5-10 minutes with each girl and look what they gave me!

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