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Nikki & Jesse : Jungle Garden Engagements

Nikki & Jesse opted to have their engagement session at Avery Island, which is always a gorgeous location no matter what time of year. They also brought their chocolate lab, Abby,(pets=extra brownie points in my book) who didn’t leave their side the whole time!

I loved the personal touch Nikki included by bringing wooden cut outs of their hometown states as well as a heart for Abby!

Here’s a quick tale on the proposal:)
It was the day before my birthday and we were meeting at my parents house in Alexandria to go to dinner with both our parents. Well, they had each bought me gifts for my birthday. After opening presents from my parents and his, Jessie brought in a large box. It was super heavy! So I went to open it, and it was a wine cooler! I was soooo excited, everyone knows how much I love my wine :). Inside the refrigerator was a big bow. I opened the door to look at the bow and it was attached to a box. Jesse then got down on one knee and asked in front of both of our parents, it was perfect!


Allison & Jy : Victorian Wedding

When I was emailing back and forth with Allison a couple weeks before the wedding about her timeline for the day, this was how she ended her email “ I really don’t want to give you too many instructions because I trust your creative eye!:)“! She has been the most relaxed, easy going bride and I cannot express how amazing it’s been to work with her. There was so much joy during their wedding day. Everyone was so so happy for Allison & Jy and it really shows in their photos. I’ll always tell my brides that the BEST way to get the most out of your photographs is to just be HAPPY (annnd some awesome natural light never hurt anyone), and that’s what their day was made out of – Happiness. (annnddd a ton of that beautiful light!)

Venue: The Victorian
Dress: Nicole Miller – I Do Bridal Couture
Florist: Flowers By Rodney
Table Decor/Flowers: Alexis Veillon
Wedding Cake/Catering: Chef Bobby & Dot
Make Up: Perfectly Bronzed
Hair: Gavin Welch of Salon Nivag, and Dale Babin of Company Salon

And I had to include a close up of the screen while Allison &  her father shared a dance. They had played a video of photos and then this was shown at the end. It’s a letter that Allison gave to her dad many years ago, and was saved until her wedding day. When this letter came on the screen, Butterfly Kisses started to play:)


Leah & Jonathan : Jungle Gardens Engagement

I can’t tell y’all how excited I am to have had the pleasure to meet these two. They are SO fun together and the afternoon was full of jokes and laughter, which makes any shoot that much better:)I can’t wait till their August wedding!

Jonathan chose to propose last May on his mothers birthday, who passed away when he was young. And this is how the day went,

“I was studying for the auditing section of the CPA exam & in full panic mode because my test was that Monday. He left for “work” but really drove to Baton Rouge to pick up my ring because it had just came in the day before. After eating lunch at the Subway where Jonathan and I had our first actual conversation (we had a class together but I never noticed him) and getting my nails done with my mom, I came back home to a note saying to go meet him and Lola, our dog, at the park. When we drove up, he was waiting by the water with Lola in a wedding dress. I thought that he had actually gotten me another dog because I had been wanting a boy – hence I thought she was getting married (dumb moment, I know. But I was studying and never once thought he was proposing)! He then got down on one knee, while holding Lola and asked…and after laughing at my dog while crying at the same time I managed to squeak out a “yes”! My mom yelled and then that’s when I realized that he had his dad there and his step-mom was hiding taking pictures of the whole thing!

He literally organized the whole thing. From including Lola to having mom bring me to lunch at Subway and getting my nails done so when Mrs. Karen took pictures they would be pretty (because he knows me well lol). It was wonderful. He had a poem that he had written that included his mom but he said he was too nervous so he forgot it hahaha!!


Mr. & Mrs. Stratton : Lake Charles, LA.

From the moment Amanda showed up for her bridal session I knew she was going to be such a fun, relaxed bride. She hadn’t gotten her dress completely altered yet but that didn’t phase her positive attitude one bit. It wasn’t until the wedding day that I got to meet Justin for the first time, as well as their absolutely precious daughter (future heart breaker for sure)! I loved every second of their wedding. The bridal party was beyond hilarious, and made it that much more enjoyable! I wish you both the best, and I can’t wait to see you in few months for another Lake Charles wedding!

To see Amandas bridal session click here!


Mr. & Mrs. Bouzigard

Mindy & Dean,

Thank you BOTH for being such all around awesome people. The love you two share is obvious to anyone who watches you interact. It’s such a beautiful thing! I’m so so glad I got to work with you through your entire wedding journey (annnddd I’m kind of sad it’s over). One of my favorite things about the both of you, is your focus on the Marriage, and not just the Wedding. You’ve set an excellent example for your family and friends to follow in your footsteps!