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2015 Senior REPS

Oh my goodness. These girls made my weekend this past Sunday.

When I look back on my senior pictures I think to myself ‘what is this?’. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my photos and I still do! But holy smokes, I looked so awkward posed in these stiff, boring, totally-not-me poses (unless you count the one with my dog, that one is so totally me). Not to mention the flawless skin airbrushing. Oh, the airbrushing. Anyways! One of my main goals for every senior session is to really pull out the girls personality. Let them open up and just let loooose! I want to get that raw, gritty, natural laugh. The one that really comes from the gut. When your eyes squint so hard you really don’t know what’s going on on the other side of your eyelids. Lololol,lmao,loll. That kinda laugh.

These 8 girls are my 2015 Senior Reps. They’re all friends and they’re all super awesome. I told them “hey look, I don’t want y’all to be all serious tonight. You’ve got your full senior session to get those classic head shots, etc. Tonight – we’re cutting up.

Y’all – senior year is already stressful enough. These girls have SO much on their plate, so I was thrilled to take a Sunday afternoon to let them unwind and refresh. I only spent around 5-10 minutes with each girl and look what they gave me!


Valorie & Jacob : #BeOurGuest

Valorie & Jacob decided to have a Beauty & the Beast themed wedding full of red roses, tea pots and candle sticks! To top it off they had the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen, made by the mother of the bride! Jacob had multiple letters delivered to Valorie while she was getting ready and a final letter on the way to the ceremony. And each time, she had to fight back her tears. Happy tears, of course. But happy tears or not, they can still ruin a girls mascara :)

These two come alive when they’re with each other. Seriously, just wait until you see them dance. Foreheads pressed together, smiling ear to ear.

When Valorie contacted me, she straight up told me “the church really isn’t that pretty, it’s pretty much like a warehouse.” But let me tell you – that didn’t effect their day at all. These two brought the ‘warehouse’ alive. Their first look was immediately followed by another first look with the father of the bride. I teared up. Twice. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Looking back on their day I really can’t think of a time when Valorie & Jacob weren’t completely shinning with happiness. And at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.

P.S. These two already have the cutest little girl ever, and are now expecting their second!!


Mr. & Mrs. Conrad: Lake Charles, LA.

Leah & Jonathan laugh together. all the time. even in the middle of their wedding ceremony. don’t believe me?! Keep scrolling and see for yourself haha! I really don’t know what else to say about these two. I’ve said it all! They’ve been such a blast to work with, and I’ve said it a few times now, but I really am sad that every thing is over with! But for them it’s just the beginning, and I pray that I get to work with them again!!

Oh – and Leah gave Jonathan a tie clip that had his mothers handwriting engraved on it saying “love you, mom”. She may not have been able to be there in person, but she sure was in spirit. Quite possibly the sweetest gift I’ve seen.

Church: Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Reception & Catering: The Brick House
Florals: Treasures of Marilyn’s


Mrs. Conrad : Jungle Garden Bridals

I feel like photographers get their own “first look” in a sense. When I show up to a bridal session I’m almost giddy with the anticipation of finally seeing her gown! It’s quite silly actually hahaha but it’s true. Leah’s dress kinda made me swoon. sigh. and then melt a little inside. It was a perfect balance of lace, and bling bling.
And to top it off – cap sleeves. Oh, the cap sleeves. Y’all, I love cap sleeves. Actually, I love sleeves in general. How many times can one person say sleeves?!

Gown: Allure Couture from Deshotel’s